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    We will post emergency Prayer Alerts here locally,statewide nationally and globally
  • The HOP Network Vision Statement

    The Wind of The Holy Spirit is blowing across the earth, drawing people with the Spirit of Prayer & Supplication. Houses of Prayer are being birthed everywhere. The HOP Network is as a strand of scarlet thread in the hands of the Lord to help weave Houses of Prayer together in the unity of Faith and Purpose.

    The instruction we have received from the Lord is to harness the power of technologies that we have been Blessed with to help form an alliance of concerted Intercession and to further establish and strengthen quality, Kingdom relationships throughout the earth. An Army without strategic communications is severely limited. We can ill-afford to continue to operate in the same status quo - at such a late hour... for the night is far spent...

    As your House of Prayer pursues Jesus - we would love to help provide resources here that might help encourage, strengthen and deepen your vertical ministry unto the Lamb of God, and as well as your horizontal ministry regionally and into the Nations. 

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